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Calendar and selected news

Calendar overview

See the calendar page for further details and past events. There is also an overview of the dates for the Norwegian science olympiads (in Norwegian) – for the school year 2019/2020.

  • The second round of the Abel competition – Held at the schools
  • The Abel competition finals – training camp from · closing

    NTNU, Trondheim

  • The 34th Nordic Mathematical Contest (NMC 2020) – Held at the schools
  • EGMO 2020Egmond aan Zee, Netherlands
  • IMO 2020 – St. Petersburg, Russia

Baltic Way 2019

Baltic Way 2019 was 15–19 November in Szczecin in Poland. Baltic Way is a team competition between the Baltic countries, the five Nordic countries and St. Petersburg. The Norwegian team consisting of Andreas Alberg, Erik Mjaanes, Elias Ekern Baird, Maxim Scherbakov og Christoffer Grøndal Tryggestad, achieved sixth place among the 11 teams competing. St. Petersburg won, followed by Poland.

Dávid Kunszenti-Kovács went as leader, and Karl Erik Holter was deputy leader for the Norwegian team.

By Harald Hanche-Olsen,

Results from IMO 2019

In the 60th International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO) in Bath, UK, Norway made 56th place among 112 competing countries. This year's winning countries were China and USA sharing the first place, with South Korea a close third.

Andreas Alberg took 65th place among 621 competitors, which earned him a silver medal. Three more team members received bronze medals, and the remaining two got honourable mention. The is the first time the entire Norwegian team has won a medal or honourable mention in IMO (with the exception of 1984, when the team consisted of one person). We congratulate the team with the good result!

By Harald Hanche-Olsen,

NMC and EGMO 2019

The 33rd Nordic Mathematical Contest (NMC) was held at the schools on 1 April. Each of the five Nordic countries is allowed 20 contestants. The Norwegian contestants achieved ranks 3, 7, 8, 27, 28, 28, 28, 35, 40, 46, 46, 54, 59, 61, 61 75, 84, 84 and 84 among 95 contestants. (see the list of the top 26).

In the 8th European Girls' Mathematical Olympiad (EGMO 2019) in Kyiv, Ukraina, the best Norwegian contestant, Hedvig Margrete Venbakken, achieved a 112th place among 142 contestants from Europen countries (see the scoreboard).

By Harald Hanche-Olsen,

Results from the finals

The scoreboard from this year's finals is here. Andreas Alberg (Oslo katedralskole) won, closely followed by Erik Mingjun Ma and Thomas Agung Dibpa Anandita Thrane (both Trondheim katedralskole).

The award ceremony was held at Dokkhuset. State Secretary Rikke Høistad Sjøberg came from the Ministry of Education and Research to hand out the prizes. But first Mike Naylor gave an inspiring talk. Our sponsor PGS awarded a prize, as usual, to the youngest finalist. This year that was Zejia He, Oslo International School.

The Norwegian Centre for Mathematics Education has pictures and more information.

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Training camp

The training camp for this year's finals is on. Here is a short video from the first day (one minute;

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