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Calendar and selected news

Calendar overview

See the calendar page for further details and past events. There is also an overview of the dates for the Norwegian science olympiads.

  • The second round of the Abel competition – at the schools
  • The Abel competition finals – NTNU, Trondheim
  • Nordic training camp in Sorø, Denmark
  • IMO 2018Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Baltic Way 2017

Baltic Way 2017 is over. The team from St. Petersburg won the competition, while the Norwegian team came in eighth place among the eleven participating nations.

By Harald Hanche-Olsen,

Problems and solutions for round 1

The problems and solutions for round 1 can now be found on the problems page (see the menu above).

By Harald Hanche-Olsen,

Results from IMO 2017

In the 58th International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO) in Rie de Janeiro, Norway made 78th place among 111 competing countries. This year's winning country was South Korea, followed by China, Vietnam, USA, and Iran.

Andreas Alberg came in 139th, and Marius Stensrud 265th, among 615 competitors, and won Bronze medals thereby. Bjørnar Gullikstad Hem, Anna Lyubarskaja, and Ole Marius Strøhm were all given honourable mention for their solutions of Problem 1.

Also worth of note is that the Advisory Board has assigned Norway the rôle of host country for IMO 2022. In the intervening years 2018–2021, IMO takes place in Romania, UK, Russia, and USA.

By Harald Hanche-Olsen,

NMC, EGMO, and IMO 2017

Some news items we have neglected this spring:

The 31st Nordic Mathmematical Contest (NMC 2017) was run on 3 April 2017 in the schhols. Sweden dominated the top of the results list, with the top five places. Björn Magnusson won a a single point before a shared second place. The best Norwegian score was achieved by Marius Stensrud, who got a shared sixth place. The Norwegians did quite well, taking ten out of the top 30 places.

The sixth European Girls' Mathematical Olympiad (EGMO 2017) was held in Zürich 6–12 April. Anna Lyubarskaja received a bronze medal for her 73rd place among 168 contestants, while Yuting (Samanda) Hu received honourable mention for her solution of Problem 1.

To the 58th International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO 2017) Norway sends a team consisting of

  • Andreas Alberg (Fagerborg skole)
  • Amund Skretting Bergset (Asker vgs)
  • Bjørnar Gullikstad Hem (Nadderud vgs)
  • Anna Lyubarskaja (Trondheim katedralskole)
  • Marius Stensrud (Ski vgs)
  • Ole Marius Strøhm (Asker vgs)

Dávid Kunszenti-Kovács and Johannes Kleppe travel as leader and deputy leader, respectively, while Gunnar Alberg travels with the team as an observer. We wish the team luck!

Additionally, we mention that Dávid Kunszenti-Kovács was elected a member of the IMO Advisory Board during last year's IMO.

By Harald Hanche-Olsen,
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